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My healing included some traditional medical therapies, complementary therapies and bodywork , counseling and spiritual healing. I took my first step in and nearly four years later, left my wheelchair for good. I saw my children graduate high school from my wheelchair, but I stood beside them at their weddings.

I learned many valuable life lessons through this process, though the price was high.


My workshops and presentations describe the process of my healing experience and the paradigms of illness and health that were most helpful to me. I am happy to share the teaching of my journey with others. I chose to become a Wholistic Health Practitioner, first studying some of the modalities that helped me, then learning other therapies through the years. It feels like all the best of nursing, but a quieter setting where I can work individually with people or families.

Healing Forever Settled

I am an advanced craniosacral therapist both adult and pediatric , advanced lymphatic drainage therapist, andI am a reiki and touch for health practitioner. I have more recently completed a two and a half year course in Energy Medicine with the 8th Fire training school. I treasure these times. To ask other readers questions about Healing-Forever Settled , please sign up.

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Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 03, Lonnie Rodriguez rated it really liked it. Gods Word is clear about divine health for His children and this book clearly communicates truthful answers to the questions that occur in regards to this promise. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Kenneth E. Kenneth E. In , Rev.

Healing in the name of our Lord Jesus!

Hagin published the first issues of The Word of Faith magazine, which now has a monthly circulation of more than , It's a life that is sold out and dedicated to Him and His ways. It's a life that connects and realizes the blessings that He has for his children, His special treasure, His daily delight. A person that desires to touch the heart of God is a person that is not satisfied with the status quo of just being average, but desires to respond to the Love of God and allow Him to bring forth His hearts desire in and through us.

In this teaching we will cover three dynamic keys that will help you come to the place in life where you get His attention and breakthrough to the place where you begin touch the heart of God. I believe it will be a real blessing to you in your quest to know Him more! Anything less is often thought of as a failure to get results, that God did not come through or that the concept of faith too elusive to comprehen.

While we believe in miracles, and certainly miracles still do take place, did you know that miracles are not God's best for the believer? Needing a miracle means that one is in a dire situation. Living with a miracle mentality will mean that a person will go from one dire situation to another, constantly in need of a miraculous deliverance. This obviously is not God's best for us. God's best is for us to learn to live by faith. This is God's prescribed way for us to operate within the Kingdom of God. To get the results promised in the Word of God means that we need to begin to do things God's way!

I believe this message will bring you into the place of finally understanding how to get the promises off of the pages of the Word of God and into your present everyday life. I believe your days of lack are coming to an end!!!

Healing Forever Settled

What a statement. This just begs for us to dig in and get a solid grasp on what He was revealing to Moses and ultimately to us, as we are absolutely a part of the generations He was speaking about. I believe you will be greatly encouraged in this study as we take a closer look at the charater of our God. I go through my healing testimony and how I learned about divine health and how to apply it. I go through a step by step instruction of what the Lord spoke to me regarding healing. When I applied these truths, I was completely healed. It's time for us to realize that we are truly one with the Lord through the shed blood of the everlasting covenant that Jesus came to establish.

That covenant reveals to us that all that He is and all that He has - has been given to us, and this includes the deep things of God.

In fact, the Holy Spirit is here upon the earth, in those who are born-again, as His enabling agent to ensure that His "deep things" are passed along to us. Faith can only act where the will of God is known. Once we see and know this fact, then we can begin to apply our faith and expect to receive the substance of our spiritual inheritance.

Yes, it is a fact that the deep things of God ARE for you! Some teach that we are sinners and that we, as believer's, still possess a sin nature. While we can and do still commit sin from time to time, is that really our nature as born-again children of God? The devil has sold the church a bill of goods through this deception that many within the Body of Christ have bought into. As long as we believe that we still have a "sin nature" we will continue to struggle with a sin mentality. Proverbs tells us however a man thinks in his heart, so is he!

It's time for us to set aside "religious tradition" and find out what the Bible has to say regarding this subject. It's time for the Church to take hold of the true nature that we've been given. Remember, the Bible is the absolute Truth that's been given to the Chruch. There are graces for us to encounter in the different places we will experience in life that can be thwarted or set aside due to pride.

When Jesus walked upon the earth, He set the example for every believer to follow as a humble Servant, empowered by the Holy Spirit and equipped to meet any challenge that life could throw His way.

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Humility may not seem like a subject we need to study, but it is the very doorway to the realization of the fullness of the blessings in our lives. Set your heart toward true humility and experience a fresh reality of His strength empower your life! He tried to alert the disciples to the importance of the hour and how weak the flesh can be and the importance of tempering the flesh by prayer. On this night, three separate miraculous events took place in the Garden that I believe were the direct result of His time spent in prayer. In these final moments in the Garden just hours before the crucifixion, the grace of God was reaching out to all of those present and particularly the Sadducees who were so adamently opposed to the power of God, healing and the ressurection.

This teaching reflects a true demonstration of His compassion and undying love to even those opposed to Him and His message.. We often see it as the warm up songs before the sermon is delivered.

Many assume that worship is a regulation or mandate that God set forth because He neeeds our worship. The reality is, that worship is a grace gift, a conduit, a privilege that has been given to the church to not only honor God, but is a means appointed by God to usher in the many Kingdom blessings He has ordained for the Church to walk in. Worship is the well-spring or the fountain head of all power. We need to understand that if we are pursuing the blessings of God without a lifestyle of worship, we simply have got the cart before the horse, and I believe is one of the main reasons why the Church is not walking in the fullness of the promised manifestations set forth within the Word of God.

I pray that you will set aside what you thought worship was all about and listen with "fresh ears. It's time to put first things first. I believe these are no mere coincidences seeing that a very early age David was a noted musician who had an insatiable hunger for the presence of God. In short - David was a worshiper who discovered the beauty of Holiness early on.

When God sought to replace King Saul, He chose David - not for his intellegence, strength, charm, talent or appeal but solely upon the condition of his heart - a man after God's own heart! We've got to get away from our preconcieved ideas about worship - what we think it is - what ever preconceptions we may have, and move into the freshness of the reality of personal worship.

Worship is a joint venture, true communion, oneness between us and the Lord. It is fellowship, partnership and intertwined intimacy - spirit to Spirit. As we begin to mature in daily worship we encounter the flow of His wisdom, understanding, magnificence and grace.

Healing Forever Settled | eBay

His plans and purposes are revealed as His peace prevails and the enemy is completely disarmed and cannot stand. Worship is a major key that the Lord has given to the church to bring forth the promises of the Kingdom in their fullest sense. It's time for us to rediscover this awesome grace gift. I'm seeing miracles take place in conjunction with a life of daily worship! It's time for us to learn how to honor the Lord and put first things first.

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We've got to move beyond the fallacy of misguided thought that praise and worship are a Sunday morning service concept which serves as a warm up or prelude for the sermon that is to follow, and is something that God demands and needs. That statement is one of error that the devil has convinced the church of to strip us of the true power that is meant to flow from worship.

Worship is a grace gift that is meant to release God's power and His gifts to the Body of Christ. In this teaching you will come to know the true heart of a worshipper and come to know the real joy, power and strength that is meant to flow forth from His Throne as we delight ourselves in His presence. My prayer for you is that you will be completely inundated by His presence and transformed in thought as you listen to this timely message.

The presence of God is man's ideal and God ordained or God prescribed environment. Every cell of our being, by default, is crying out and searching for the presence of God.