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In contrast, the front and back focal distance can be quite different, even if there is air on both sides. See also: objectives , focal length and other articles in the category general optics. If you like this article, share it with your friends and colleagues, e. Virtual Library. Sponsoring this encyclopedia:. Sorry, we don't have an article for that keyword!

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In mobile warfare, most soldiers were killed or wounded by infantry fire. By contrast, in trench warfare, the artillery was responsible for 75 percent of the known casualties. During the war, the artillery not only experienced considerable growth in absolute numbers, but also in terms of its relative share of the entire army.

Encyclopedia of Distances - Michel Marie Deza, Elena Deza - Google книги

This is demonstrated by the example of the French military: In , artillery-men made up 20 percent of the army; in , it was 38 percent. Storz, Dieter: Artillery , in: online. International Encyclopedia of the First World War, ed. DOI : Translated by: Reid, Christopher. Version 1. By Dieter Storz.

Encyclopedia of Distances

Linnenkohl, Hans: Vom Einzelschuss zur Feuerwalze. Ortner, M. Technik, Organisation und Kampfverfahren , Vienna Militaria. Zabecki, David T. Citation Storz, Dieter: Artillery , in: online. Metadata Subjects. Author Keywords.

Lee distance

GND Subject Headings. LC Subject Headings. Rameau Subject Headings. Regional Section s.

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Thematic Section s. Classification Group. Images French trench mortar.

French mm cannons. German 13 cm cannon. Heavy and light mortars. German 42 cm Short Navy Cannon German 12 cm heavy cannon. French mm cannon, Verdun. Disabled French 75 mm field gun, Verdun.

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French 75 mm field gun. Mountain of shell cases. For newer topics, or topics further away from mathematics in a stricter sense, there are less formulas and the entries are more verbose. I am certain though that for some items the reader needs to look up more details in the literature. For most but not all concepts the authors give where possible the original reference.

That is the name of the author s and a year and the reader is supposed to be able to find the appropriate reference via the Internet. So it might not always be easy to find the intended literature and if it is found, the reference might not be accessible to the reader. In most instances, it will need more than just a few clicks to get it.

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