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Hillairet, and E. Hilgert, and T. Donnay , Geodesic flow on the two-sphere. Ergodicity, in: Dynamical systems , Lecture Notes in Math. II , Acta Mathematica , vol. Duistermaat and V.

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  2. Analytic Methods In The Theory Of Differential And Pseudo-Differential Equations Of Parabolic Type.
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  4. Asymptotics of Operator and Pseudo-Differential Equations.
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Guillemin , The spectrum of positive elliptic operators and periodic bicharacteristics , Inventiones Mathematicae , vol. Duistermaat , Fourier integral operators, Progress in mathematics , Foulon and B. Hasselblatt , Contact Anosov flows on hyperbolic 3??? Garding, T. Kotake, and J. Gaveau , Principe de moindre action, propagation de la chaleur et estimees sous elliptiques sur certains groupes nilpotents , Acta Mathematica , vol. Gordon and E. Helffer, A. Martinez, and D. Robert , Ergodicit??? Hassell and A. Jakobson, Y. Safarov, and A. Strohmaier , The semiclassical theory of discontinuous systems and ray-splitting billiards , American Journal of Mathematics , vol.

Jakobson and S. Appl , vol. Kriegl and P. Michor , The convenient setting of global analysis, Mathematical Surveys and Monographs , 53 , Mcduff and D. Toft, Wave-frontlests in Fourier Lebesgne spaces, Rend. Torino, 66 4 , Valmorin, Real analytic generalized functions, Monatsh. Vindas, S. Aleksic, J. Colombeau, M. Mirkov, S. Selesi, Generalized stochastic processes in algebras of generalized functions, J. Zorica, Existence and calculation of the solution to the time distributed-order diffusion equation, Physica Scripta, , T T.

Gramchev, S. Rodino, M. Wong, Spectral properties of the twisted bi-Laplacian, Arch. Math, 93 , Evolution Equations, 9 , Konjik, Lj. Nonlinear Analysis, Theory Methods Appl. Gramchev, L. Wong, Spectra of polynonmials of the twisted Laplacian, Atti Accad. Torino, S. Toft, Micro-local analysis in Fourier Lebesgue and modulation spaces. Part II, J.

Wong, Spectral of polynomials of the twisted Laplacian, Atti Acc. Scienze, Torino, Cl. FMN, , Toft, Micro-local analysis with Fourier Lebesgue spaces.

Part I, J. Fourier Anal. Scarpalezos, Harmonic generalized functions in generalized function algebras, Monatsh. Levajkovic, D. Selesi, The stochastic Dirichlet problem driven by the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operator: Approach by the Fredholm alternative for chaos expansions, Stochastic Anal. Rakic, Tauberian theorems for the wavelet transform, J. Levajkovic, S. Selesi, Chaos expansions: Applications to a generalized eigenvalue problem for the Malliavin derivative, Integral Transforms Spec.

Zorica, Distributed-order fractional wave equation on a finite domain. Creep and forced oscillations of a rod, Contin. Stress relaxation in a rod, Int. Stoeva, Analysis of conditions for frame functions, examples with the orthogonal functions, Integral Transforms Spec. Approximation Theory, , Janev, T.

Math D operator Part 3

Janev, S. Modelling, 54 , Drug Metab. Johansson, S. Toft, Gabor pairs, and discrete approach to wave-front sets, Monatsh. Zorica, Complementary variational principles with fractional derivatives, Acta Mech. Spaces Appl. Toft, Micro-local analysis in some spaces of ultradistributions, Publ. Zorica, Forced oscillations of a body attached to a viscoelastic rod of fractional derivative type. Nonlinear Sci. Scarpalezos, J. Vindas, Regularity properties of distributions through sequences of functions.

Funct Spaces and Appl. Zorica, An expansion formula for fractional derivatives of variable order, Central European Journal of Physics, 11 , Atanackovic, S. Pilipovic, D. Zorica, Vibrations of a system: Viscoelastic rod of fractional type and a body attached to the rod. Pilipovic, J.

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Beograd, 95 , Zorica, An initial value problem arising in mechanics, Arc. Appl Mech. Atanackovic, M. Zorica, Expansion formula for fractional derivatives in variational problems, J. Kostadinova, S. Pilipovic, K. Saneva, J. Vindas, The Ridgelet transform of distributions, Int. Pilipovic, B. Prangoski, On the convolution of Roumieu ultradistributions through the epsilon tensor product, Monattsh, Math. Applications, 12 , Zorica, Convergence analysis of a numerical scheme for two classes of non-linear fractional differential equations, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Atanackovic, D.

Dolicanin, S.

  • Algebraic Geometry Bucharest 1982: Proceedings of the International Conference held in Bucharest, Romania, August 2–7, 1982!
  • Asymptotics of Operator and Pseudo-Differential Equations (Monographs in Contemporary Mathematics)!
  • Asymptotics of Operator and Pseudo-Differential Equations by Victor P. Maslov;
  • Stankovic, Cauchy problems for some classes of linear fractional differential equations, Fract. Popovic, D. Spasic, J. Kolarovic, R. Malti, I. Mitic, S. Pilipovic, T. Atanackovic, Fractional model for pharmacokinetics of high dose methotrexate in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 22 — Velinov, Structural theorems for ultradistribution semigroups, Siberian Math.

    Zorica, Vibrations of an elastic rod on a viscoelastic foundation of complex fractional Kelvin-Voigt type, Meccanica, 50 , Selesi, M. Zigic, Stochastic evolution equations with multiplicative noise, Electronic J. Pilipovic, L. Rodino, J. Vindas, Weyl asymptotics for tensor products of operators and Dirichlet divisors, Ann. Pura Appl. Dimovski, S. Vindas, New distribution spaces associated to translation-invariant Banach spaces, Monats Math. Toft, K.

    Publications by Dmitri Vassiliev

    Pilipovic, N. Teofanov, Sharp convolution and multiplication estimates in weighted spaces, Analysis Appl. Prangoski, Anti-Wick and Weyl quantization on ultradistribution spaces, Journ. Maksimovic, S. Pilipovic, P. Sokoloski, J. Vindas, Wave fronts via Fourier series coefficients, Publ.

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    Beograd N. Velinov, On the exponential ultradistribution semigroups, Banach spaces. Janev, Lj. Zorica, Space-time fractional Zener wave equation. Royal Math Soc London, A. Velinov, Hyperfunction semigroups, Siberian Math. J, 56 , Vindas, Boundary values of holomorphic functions and heat kernel method in translation-invariant distribution spaces,Complex Var.

    Elliptic Equat. Selesi, Fundamental equations with higher order Malliavin operators, Stochastics-an Inter. Teofanov, F. Tomic, Beyond Gevrey regularity, J. Pseudo-diff Oper Appl. Rakic, N. Vindas, The wavelet transforms in Gelfand-Shilov spaces, Collect.

    Asymptotics of Operator and Pseudo-Differential Equations

    Prangoski, J. Vindas, Convolution of ultradistributions and ultradistribution spaces associated to translation-invariant Banach spaces, KyotoJ. Cappiello, S. Prangoski, Semilinear pseudodifferential equations in spaces of tempered ultradistributions, J. Zorica, Complex order fractional derivatives in viscoelasticity, Mech. Time-Dependent Mat. Aleksic, S. Pilipovic, I. Cappiello, T.

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    Math, accepted. Sarajevo J. Zorica, Euler-Lagrange equations for Lagrangians containing complex-order fractional derivatives, J. Optimization Th. Manova-Erakovik, S.

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    Pilipovic, V. Velinov, C-distribution semigroups and C-ultradistribution semigroups in locally convex spaces, Siberian Math. Jaksic, S. Real Acad, Ciencias Exact. Ser A. Matem, , Pseudo-diff Op Appl. Pilipovic, Wave equation for generalized Zener model containing complex order fractional derivatives, Cont Mech. Velinov, M. Pilipovic, Degenerate C-Distribution cosine functions and degenerate C-ultradistribution cosine functions in locally convex spaces, Filomat, 31 , Atanasova, S. Saneva, Directional , Time frequential analysis, Bull. Vindas, Spectral asymptotics for infinite order pseudo-differential operators, Bull.

    Math Sci, , 8, Pilipovic, On a constitutive equation of heat conduction with fractional derivatives of complex order Acta Mech, , , Chen, M. Velinov, D-hypercyclic and D-chaotic properties of abstract differential equations of first order. Zorica, Properties of the Caputo-Fabrizio fractional derivative and its distributional settings, Fract.

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    • Anal, , 21, Pilipovic, Non-linear boundary value problems involving Caputo derivatives of complex fractional order, Appl.